There is no such thing as a typical Australian lifestyle. Some people in Australia choose to live in the busy cosmopolitan areas while other prefer to live a laid-back country lifestyle. Ranked as the country with the highest quality of life by many polls Australia has it all.

Millennials have recently ranked Australia as the best country to live in giving it a score of 9.1/10 (Business Insider, 2016). With many world-class universities and education providers Australia is famous for its education system.

Each state and territory is responsible for managing their system of education but these are in accordance with the national standards implemented in 2014. Life expectancy is 82.15 years on average. Also, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but has very small population of around 24 million.

Australians are proud of their peaceful society. They believe that change should occur by discussion, peaceful persuasion and the democratic process. They reject violence as a way of changing peoples’ minds or the law.

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