education agents


At Mindroom Innovation, we understand that choosing the right educational path can be complex. That’s where our dedicated Education Agents come in.

Why use an Education Agent?

They simplify the journey by providing guidance on:

  • education providers
  • courses
  • and streamlining the enrolment process (saving you precious time)

Our Agents are experienced professionals who ensure your educational goals align with your aspirations. They have in-depth knowledge of our programs and can provide personalised support at every step of your enrolment. We value quality, which is why we only process enrolment applications from agents with a signed agreement with Mindroom Innovation. We also closely monitor the performance of our Agents. This ensures you receive the best guidance and support throughout your academic journey. Important note: Keep in mind that while Education Agents can help with educational matters, they are not qualified to provide advice on immigration issues. Explore our list of authorised Agents below, and feel free to reach out to them for assistance.



7Mundos Intercambio Brazil
Australian Centre Brazil
AWI – Educational & Migration Agency Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, and others
Cander Visa Philippines, South East Asian countries, Africa
Connection Flow Brazil and Japan
Dingoos Europe, Latin America
Edex Education Group Colombia, Spain, Ecuador
Education Center Bulgaria, Poland, Indonesia, Lithuania, Italy
Education Way Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru
Egali Brazil, Mexico
Go Study Australia Europe, Latin America
Goldy Australia Spain, Latin America
IE – International Education Brazil
I Am Aussie Latin America
Hello Australia Brazil
Information Planet Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada
Like Global: Australia Brazil, Europe
LinAs Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Link Study Brazil
Muss Intercambio Brazil
One Way Education Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Spain
Pathway to Aus Europe, UK, North & South America, South East Asia
S7 Intercambio Brazil
STB Australia Brazil
Student Solutions Alliance Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
U&I Global South Korea, Thailand, Philippines
Veta Education & Migration Colombia, Mexico
We Move Experience Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, UK
WEST 1 Brazil (Latin America)
World Study Brazil
Yooz Study Brazil (Latin America)
YouToo Project Spain, France, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Japan



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