Hot off the press: Australian Salary Guide 2023

Hot off the press: Australian Salary Guide 2023

Australia prides itself on its progressive policies and fair treatment of workers, as reflected by its minimum wage which remains one of the world’s highest in 2023. However Australian salaries vary significantly depending on industry, role, and location, beyond the minimum wage baseline. There is also one critical aspect that has the potential to close the gender wage gap and improve overall equity in the workplace: salary transparency.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the data found in Aquent’s 2023 Australian Salary Guide, which provides valuable insights into the actual salaries paid across the country. Aquent is a leading global work solutions company that helps organisations find, grow, and support their most valuable resource—their people.

In December 2022, 8,266 salaries were analysed to provide the most precise statistical information for the salary guide. The salaries indicated in the guide are only the base salary and do not include bonuses or superannuation. Salary discrepancies for a specific role can occur based on various factors such as the candidate’s skill level and experience, geographical location, demand for the role, and the company’s size and complexity. Let’s take a look.

Some employers are transparent with wages, while others provide unrealistic pay ranges to avoid transparency. In the post-pandemic world where the economy’s equilibrium is yet to be established, embracing wage transparency can lead to a fairer and more balanced future. It’s important that you are aware of the pay ranges to ensure you are receiving enough compensation for your level of experience, given the specific role and other factors mentioned above.

For more detailed information on salaries in Australia, read the full report here.

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