The most wanted skills of 2021

The most wanted skills of 2021

What’s your next language?

Upskilling and reskilling continue to take centre stage in the IT industry and business community.
Now more than ever, employers are looking for people with relevant and current programming skills, which according to the latest research of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) include:

  • Front-end development
  • Designing and using APIs 
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Full-stack development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Mobile development
  • Server-side programming
  • Program design

All of which are covered in the Mindroom Innovation Diploma of Information Technology!
That’s good news, right? But that’s not all, our Diploma of IT not only covers the programming needs, using the most sought-after programming languages, such as Python, JS, PHP, HTML, but it also provides the workplace context for when and how to apply these skills to a real project.

The course is designed to include 7 clusters, 10-week long each, that are building on one another to provide comprehensive coverage of computing languages and industry best practices. The clusters include:

  1. Introduction to working in IT (Core units)
  2. Front End Development
  3. Back End Development
  4. Working with database
  5. Connectivity – application programming interface (API)
  6. Web design
  7. Internet of Things

Completing this course with Mindroom is part of a pathway to three very appealing scenarios:

  • a higher education degree, where students are eligible to up to 1.5 years off a bachelor’s degree in Australia.
  • a career in the IT industry in Australia or anywhere else in the world.
  • Possible pathway to 485 visa*

Even if you can’t plan that far ahead at the moment, current trends suggest the fields of cloud engineering, cybersecurity, full-stack developing, and data science will continue to grow and require more employees in 2021, and that coding skills are a needed set of tools for almost anyone who plans to have a successful career in the future.

Skillsoft, the American educational technology company looked at the relevant skills of its most searched-for courses of last year (2020) which pointed to an interesting trend that sees front-end development and the use of APIs as most important.
The Skillsoft report once again shows the massive increase in demand for data scientists and analysts – especially in the Asia-Pacific region where over 50 per cent of courses studied were about data.

So, what language should you learn? What new skills exactly should you acquire?
Look no further, we have done the research for you and developed this full, rich and comprehensive course delivered to you by industry experts to best prepare you for the coming years. We cover the most required languages, practices and we do it with love.

* Currently, Mindroom Innovation students who have already acquired a favourable ACS skills assessment have also been successful in applying for the Graduate (Post-Work Stream) subclass 485 visa as a result of completing the two-year academic study of IT-related courses, such as Diploma of Project Management with Diploma of Website Development at Mindroom. Our student’s success with this 485 visa option has been conditional of them establishing that both diplomas are closely related to the nominated occupation they have their skills assessment in.
As Migration Law and Policy is always subject to change and as everyone’s circumstances vary, Mindroom Innovation always recommends that you seek Migration advice from a Registered Migration Agent prior to applying for any visa.

Do you want to know more? Send us a message now and one of our course advisors will contact you!