From WHV to Student Visa

From WHV to Student Visa

Is your Working Holiday Visa coming to an end and you want to extend your stay in Australia?

Every year many backpackers come to Australia to work and travel, after travelling around some of them fall in love, and decide they wish to stay in Australia a little longer.

For many working holidaymakers, an Australian student visa is such a good way to develop new skills and to become a global citizen with international experience.

Studying a course in Australia may be the most affordable way to extend your stay in Australia. On a student visa you are allowed to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during school holidays. You can also add partners, spouses and children as secondary applicants to the visa.

There are also many other benefits and here are just a few:

World class education

As one of the favorite destinations for international students, Australia takes pride in their world class standard of education. 

Improved command of the English language

For international students from non-English speaking countries, Australia is an ideal country to hone your proficiency in English. All your classes at Mindroom Innovation are delivered in English and you will see how your english can improve throughout the duration of the course. 

Lifelong friends and networking

A significant part of your journey to study abroad is meeting new people. They will come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. We have students from all corners of the globe, and studying is a great opportunity to learn more about different cultures.

Discovering more about yourself

Studying abroad is more than books and lectures. This life enriching phase in your life may lead you to discover new interests, skills or talents. Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast offer heaps of interesting clubs and organizations that you can be involved with and work with like-minded individuals.

Broader career opportunities

Your experience in living and studying in Australia as a non-local resident is an interesting factor for potential employers. Having survived and successfully completed your studies in a foreign country says a lot about your character and intellect. You possess intangible life skills such as adaptability, flexibility, and enthusiasm to learn and to face challenges along the way.

Mindroom Innovation

Lately, Mindroom Innovation has attracted a number of Travelers who have decided to stay longer and learn a new skill or improve their previous knowledge. Some have decided to learn #programming, others to improve their Leadership & Management or Design skills but everyone with the same goal, receive an Australian qualification and update their resume while enjoying the best Australia has to offer!

Ok, so if your visa is about to expire and you have decided you want to extend your stay in Australia a little longer? What should you do?

To get a student visa you need to enrol in a course that has a CRICOS code which means that the course has been approved for international students on a student visa. Mindroom Innovation is a CRICOS provider, meaning all our courses are available for international students.

After deciding which course you want to study, it’s time to complete the enrolment form, including some supporting documents, such as Passport, Letter of intention, and others enrollment documents. Nothing too scary or complicated, and nothing that our staff can’t help you with.

Mindroom Innovation works with many different Education Agents who can support you in the process of applying for a student visa.

Are you keen to join this world of education and extend your stay in Australia?

Just send us a message and we can help you right now:

Please note that the immigration legislation can change quickly and Mindroom Innovation is not authorised to give immigration assistance. We are working to ensure our blog articles content is up-to-date to assure you get the right information. If you need more info, feel free to contact Mindroom Innovation so we can put you in contact with a migration agent or visit the Australian Immigration website.