Study, live and work in QLD now!

Study, live and work in QLD now!

The world continues to battle COVID-19 and many countries are in turmoil, with unemployment rates higher than they’ve been since World War II, Australia remains a country that punches well above its weight.

Australia’s management of COVID-19 and its robust economy allowed it to remain in a strong position relative to other countries, and Queensland these days must be one of the best places in the world to live in, especially now.

On December 1, 2020, Queensland road border checkpoints, which have been in place since March, will be removed and thousands of tourists are expected to enter the state. While this is terrific news for Queensland tourism businesses, many operators are worried about not having enough staff to serve the incoming hordes.

Queensland’s surge of southern visitors is an opportunity for students to live and work in the state. Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and other tourist attractions need all the help they can get, and this is turning out to be one of the best times to find employment in Queensland.

Job search websites advertise a myriad of opportunities for students with and without prior experience, for an hourly rate that has no match outside Australia.

In short, while we are deeply hoping that the state of the world normalises for everyone across the globe, Queensland is ready for you now.

Here at Mindroom Innovation we look at two aspects of employment opportunities for students; the first, being that student earn enough money to support their needs and are safe, and the second, is to prepare students for the market after they graduate one of our courses. Employment opportunities are now available for students in both our campuses on the Gold and Sunshine Coast, and we are working tirelessly to create new courses and update the content of the existing courses to have students ready for the future.

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Queensland and Mindroom are ready for you, what are you waiting for?