What is a Project Coordinator?

What is a Project Coordinator?

An excellent starting point to becoming a project manager is to gain experience in a project coordinator role. The project coordinator is an important support person to others in the project team.

What is a project coordinator?

Project coordinators report to the project manager to assist with administrative tasks on projects. It is their role to ensure the project manager and all team members have what they need to meet deadlines. This means that they must be across all aspects of a project from short and long-term goals to the project calendar and budget.

The focus for a project coordinator is on making sure the day-to-day activities and tasks are taken care of. Therefore, the project manager can focus on high-level strategic issues. This includes working to solve any problems that arise as the project progresses.

Project coordinator tasks include:

  • keeping the project plan up to date
  • scheduling and managing meetings
  • collecting and reporting data on prescribed metrics
  • overseeing budget tracking and other important project information.

Communication, organisation, time management, data entry, attention to detail and a focus on getting things done are key attributes for someone within this role.

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