5 Must-Have Project Management Skills for 2023

5 Must-Have Project Management Skills for 2023

To become highly sought-after in the world of project management, you will need a combination of hard skills, such as planning and risk management to ensure the project goes to plan. You will also need soft skills, including communication and the ability to motivate. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 essential project management skills you will need for success in 2023.

1. Leadership

The project manager is the key person that people turn to for a solution when things go wrong or lack direction. This is where having effective leadership skills comes into play. As a leader being consistent and reliable will win the trust of your team. If leadership isn’t your strength, take the time to develop your emotional intelligence by completing a leadership course.

2. Communication

Fine-tuning your behavioural (or soft) skills is just as important as having great technical skills. While there have been discussions of the digitalisation of the project management process due to AI, the behavioural skillset is impossible to replicate by machines and is continuously growing in demand in the marketplace. As the project manager, good communication skills will see you keep all parties within a project informed and up to date with the progress of the job. This is vital to the success of any project.

3. Planning

As the project manager you’re in charge of creating the roadmap that will see the project delivered successfully and to a high quality. As part of your project plan, you will set the project goals and scope. An essential part of project planning is creating a good business plan that outlines the project’s benefits, which can then be used to assess its efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Scheduling

Another technical skill in the initial stages of the project is scheduling, which outlines the tasks to be completed and designates responsibility for the varying deliverables of the project. A Gantt Chart is a popular tool for outlining the project schedule, however, there are also plenty of project management software available, which helps streamline the process of project scheduling and will keep you on track with your project deliverables.

5. Risk management

Another key project management skill is identifying risks before a project commences and mitigating those risks to the best of your ability. Conducting a risk assessment will highlight any risk events that could potentially occur. This will allow you to calculate the risk of that event taking place and its impact, and provide you with the opportunity to plan out how you can treat it if it does occur.

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