At Mindroom Innovation people really are our greatest asset.

Our trainers are active members of the industry for which they prepare the students for, our management team are passionate professionals with a special interest for innovation, and our support staff are international individuals who know exactly what it means to study overseas.

Our business philosophy is building strong relationships to bring all these people together to provide an educational experience that is second to none.

We care and we prepare our students for real life!

Yoav Proart – CEO – The Brain
Lina Sodin – Operational Director – The Love
Pedro Giesel – Marketing/ICT Director – The Hustler
Maggie Proart – Developer/Project Management Trainer – The Magician
Alex Hunt – Graphic Designer Trainer – The Hipster
Rodrigo Pedrosanto – Sunshine Coast Campus Manager – The Guru
Daniela Budal Arins – Marketing – The Social
Tiago Pires – Web Dev Trainer – The Hacker
José Eduardo Biotto – Designer/Video Editor – The Shutterbug