The Future of Jobs in Queensland and How to Stay in the Game

The Future of Jobs in Queensland and How to Stay in the Game

Article by Gabriella Baptistel – Student of the CUA60320 – Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

Whilst scrolling through the internet, looking for ideas on something informative to share, I started to think about the most desirable jobs today and in the future in Queensland.

Moving from your home country gives you an opportunity to start over, but it can also make you feel lost sometimes. The pandemic has not helped the situation, as it makes you overthink what you are doing, what you think you should be doing, if it is really what you want to do and if it is currently profitable. However, one of the biggest enemies of over-thinking is focused action and studying. So let’s get our hands dirty and explore some ideas around the future of jobs in Queensland.

In my hunt for answers I found some very interesting research on Jobs Queensland, however it was written before Covid-19. Luckily my eye got caught on an article written by Donna Bonney, The future of work is now and we need to be prepared, from July 2021.
HOT, babe!

She compares the current situation and what could be expected going forward, by using  Future work, future jobs research released in 2019, which was the culmination of a two-year project investigating what work would be like in Queensland by 2030.

“The report identified three major drivers that were impacting work in Queensland as we approached 2030:

1- Technological innovation

2- Social and demographic changes

3- Legislative, institutional and policy influences.

The pandemic has amplified the effects of these drivers. In some cases, future work scenarios originally envisaged to evolve over a 10-year timeframe became commonplace within a single year.[…]”

Donna also talks about how agility and diversification have been key to business survival. We can definitely notice this as so much has changed, and continues to change. I would assume that the most flexible business owners are the ones who have managed to survive or even thrive through this turbulent time.

At the same time, employees should also adopt this flexibility and creativity. Why? Because the change in approach and practices of businesses, calls for employees with more diverse skills and adaptability. According to Donna, 

“[..] employees have had to develop their digital skills, often without access to any formal skilling opportunities. Team leaders and managers have had to rapidly learn how to manage teams remotely and to provide leadership through a period of great uncertainty.”

Even though many people have found themselves without a job, the pandemic created an opportunity for the education and training industry to adapt new and innovative delivery models. Not only the education industry but most other industries found it essential to adapt to the new technological era.

“The increased demand on digital infrastructure has also brought into focus the “digital divide” between metropolitan and regional areas and the need for equitable access to digital literacy and skills training.”

The question that I want to ask is, where do you fit into this? Are you prepared, or are you still preparing for the change?

Fortunately, as a student at Mindroom Innovation, I know that the school always tries to stay ahead of the game. They always use an innovative approach and made sure that their training and information prepared students for the job market, even before the pandemic. I find the courses they offer highly relevant and up-to-date, preparing us for the future of the job market.

If you are interested in reading more on the research mentioned above, I recommend reading it here

Article written by Gabriella Baptistel
Photographer & Yoga Teacher
CUA60320 – Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design Student

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