6 reasons to become a graphic designer

6 reasons to become a graphic designer

If creativity is in your heart, and you love to express ideas and emotions through art, graphics or visual elements, graphic design is for you.

In recent years, graphic designers had become more than just illustrators, they are one of the key people to make sure the message is clear and direct to the point. A Designer mind is not simple to understand, it is chaos, it comes from abstract information moving around with many ideas it comes down to a single solution.

Design projects are mean to be used by people. Therefore, people/persona is the key element of designer work. Understanding the reasons behind the project work is essential, but knowing who are the key users is critical to the success of the design.

As the time comes, the designers have moved into more user experience instead only the user interface, it is not about the look, but how people will react and behave with the look and design of the art-work.

Getting qualified as a graphic designer is not just about mastering the adobe creative suite, but thinking outside of the box and delivering what the client’s client is expecting.

So, if you love been around people, use your creativity to make it a better world, find out more why you should become a qualified graphic designer:

Enjoy real flexibility – You have many options in how you want to work. Be a freelancer and work for many different companies, be a digital nomad and work from anywhere. Be a logo/branding focused designer and help companies achieve their full potential or work as a full-time employee for a big franchise helping them to communicate better. The point being, you can do as much as you like, and shape a career that suits your lifestyle and what you believe.

You do yourself – Yes, it’s one of the unique careers that allow you to have your own style and make some money out of it. You may not get it in your first client, but as the time pass, you will meet more clients who have a similar mindset and love your style. Through this journey, you can follow your passion and work on projects you believe and can put your full personality into it.

Make a real difference – Every work you do has a potential impact, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. The designer work is to solve problems, allowing the messages to be heard by the target audience. Your job here is to create content that change minds and shift perspectives, do no take it for granted, your visual communication can change people’s opinion and allow them to see new things! You can change the world!

Work on the digital world – We live in the digital era, web/mobile applications are on high demand, and more than never, we just hear about UI and UX. Its time to use your full potential, you already have the designer’s mind, why not use to create better user experiences with a  top-notch user interface. Your time is now, although the developing world is increasing, the need for top designers are higher than ever.

Bye-bye routine – Your days won’t be the same, you can be working on the same project, but at the same time delivering different content, or one day you are doing a gym social media post, another you could be developing an entire campaign for a health care company.

It is a fun environment – Most of the new design studios are cool, vibrant and have a relaxing coworking area. You don’t like wearing suits and social clothes, well this workplace is for you, although we all have deadlines to achieve and projects to deliver, it allows you to be yourself, uses your style and work on your own time. Why not having fun while working, right?

So if you’ve been considering to get qualified as graphic design but don’t know where to start, build some momentum today and get in touch with a Course Advisor on our form below.