Accounting & Financial Seminar. Saturday, August 10 at 3 PM.

Accounting & Financial Seminar. Saturday, August 10 at 3 PM.

Everyone with the courage to go to another country has to adapt to many aspects, such as choosing a school, visa applications, learning a new language, sorting out accommodation, making new friends and, of course, looking for an employment and working. Sometimes important information is overlooked until a problem arises.

We welcome you to join us and learn ways to enhance your experience while in Australia. All the essential financial information that you should know when working in Australia.

Free seminar:

When: Saturday, 10 August at 3 PM
Where: MI Space Gold Coast 
Address: 1/37 Connor St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Do you know if you have been contracted correctly?
Do you know all your rights and responsibilities as soon as you apply for documents like TFN and ABN?
Is your employer paying you correctly?
Are you up to date with the recent changes on legislation?

“With knowledge, we increase our possibilities to make assertive and conscious decisions for our own personal benefit. With credible information, we put ourselves in a strategic position and have the power to create greater opportunities in our lives.” – Laura Cacau – Accountant and Life Coach.

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