BBQ – Brazilians in ICT

BBQ – Brazilians in ICT

Last Saturday we had another meeting for Brazilians in ICT industry.

Mindroom Innovation, together with our Director, Pedro Giesel, is proud to promote such an amazing event. Over 40 professionals attended the meetup on Saturday for a BBQ, networking, chatting and to know each other better. Among with these super qualified professionals we had, developers (back-end, fron-end, mobile), infrastructure, admin, support, QA, Scrum Master, Project manager and many more. At total we have over 100 qualified professionals in this community, working or looking for work in their field of expertise.

The event was organised together with the professionals, in partnership with Fit Career Consulting and IT.BR, promoted by Mindroom Innovation.

During the event, we had the opportunity to meet Fernando Q Oliveira, registered migration agent, who has a vast experience in different visas and ACS Application.

If you are looking for a qualified ICT professional, please send an email to and he will be able to help you out.