SITHFAB002 - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

By completing your RSA with Mindroom Innovation, you learn the basics of bartending and open yourself up to a wider range of job opportunities. As most jobs for students are in the hospitality industry in areas such as restaurants and cafes, it also includes bars and nightclubs where it is a requirement to have a valid RSA for the relevant State.



SITHFAB002 Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) + Basic Bartender Skills

Provide responsible service of alcohol (or commonly known as RSA) is a unit of competency within the SIT training package and can be completed on its own. A Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment (SoA) will be issued to the candidates upon satisfactory completion of all assessments.

This course meets the requirements for the nationally accredited unit “SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of alcohol” and the state requirements for:

  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

RSA Certification requirements differ across states and territories. This course covers the RSA skill and knowledge requirements common to all States and Territories. Some legislative requirements and knowledge will differ across borders. In some cases after completion of this unit, state and territory liquor authorities require candidates to complete a bridging course to address these specific differences.

The RSA course content covers the legal requirements for a person to work in a bar or restaurant serving alcohol. It focuses on the areas of identifying intoxicated customers, customer service with attention to the refusal of service to patrons, compliance with legal issues and assisting customers to drink sensibly. This course is designed for staff members who are currently working in the industry or intend to work in the hospitality industry. It is a requirement in Western Australia that all staff working in venues that sell alcoholic beverages undertake this Responsible service of alcohol course.



This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol.

Responsible practices must be undertaken wherever alcohol is sold or served, including where alcohol samples are served during on-site product tastings. This unit, therefore, applies to any workplace where alcohol is sold or served, including all types of hospitality venues, packaged liquor outlets and wineries, breweries and distilleries.

The unit applies to all levels of sales personnel involved in the sale, service and promotional service of alcohol in licensed premises. Those selling or serving alcohol may include food and beverage attendants; packaged liquor sales persons selling in person, over the phone or online; winery, brewery and distillery cellar door staff; and supplier sales representatives. The unit also applies to security staff who monitor customer behaviour and to the licensee who is ultimately responsible for responsible service of alcohol (RSA) management.

The unit incorporates the knowledge requirements, under state and territory liquor licensing law, for employees engaged in the sale or service of alcohol.

Certification requirements differ across states and territories. In some cases, all people involved in the sale, service and promotional service of alcohol in licensed premises must be certified in this unit. This can include the licensee and security staff.


Mindroom Innovation is a CRICOS Registered Provider (03255G) to International students on student visas (subclass 500)

Please note international overseas student in Australia on a student visa is permitted to undertake additional study (that is, a course of education or training) at the same time as the principal course for which they hold a student visa. However, any course undertaken by a student visa holder must be registered on CRICOS. A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is also required for any additional study in a course undertaken by an overseas student whilst in Australia on a student visa.

International students can refer to the information on ASQA website regarding International students who want to undertake additional study at the same time.

When you are beginning your search for a job, a good way to prepare yourself is to make sure your resume is job-ready.


This one-day short course Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) helps you to be aware of alcohol laws such as:

• The amount of alcohol a drink can contain
• How many drinks an individual person can have at the same time
• How to deal with intoxicated people (when a person has consumed more drinks than they should) and what is the correct procedure when you come across an intoxicated patron.


At Mindroom Innovation we give you MORE for the same price!

  • Alcohol history (quick explanation about alcohol)
  • Spirits and liqueurs (essentials)
  • The day by day job (opening and closing procedures)
  • Most famous Australia’s drinks
  • Hands-on cocktail (espresso martini)


By completing your RSA, and having it listed on your resume you are opening yourself up to a wider range of job opportunities. As most jobs for students are in the hospitality industry in areas such as restaurants and cafes, it also includes bars and nightclubs where it is a requirement to have a valid RSA for the relevant State.

It is not only required for bartenders who are preparing and selling the drinks directly, but also for “glassies” (those collecting empty glasses and bottles) and anyone that is working on the bar.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) allows students to understand and comply with the legal responsibilities associated with the service of alcohol and Harm Minimisation.


It covers the following topics:

  • Problems associated with excessive consumption
  • Alcohol and relevant state or territory legislation, licensing requirements
  • Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
  • Facts About alcohol
  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
  • Assess alcohol-affected customers and identify those to whom sale or service must be refused
  • How to refuse to provide alcohol in a professional manner
  • How to handle difficult customers by using appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills



✔ 1 day face-to-face and online assessments



✔ This course is delivered in conjunction with a Professional Bartender and our RSA Trainer.

✔ The professional bartender: Thiago started as a bartender in Dublin, Ireland. He gained knowledge over 5 years of experience working in European countries and also in Australia where he became a mixologist and master distiller. Today it operates with training and private events.



✔ Entry-level: Intermediate

Or those currently studying in an Intermediate class.

Proof of English level will be required at the time of enrolment.



✔ Students must be at least 18 years of age at the time of course commencement



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