Our goal is to deliver education using a holistic approach, giving the students the opportunity to experience what is happening on the market in real-time. We aim to prepare our students to innovate and think outside the box and to take their place in the market, starting their careers in Australia, or anywhere else in the world.


Mindroom Innovation is not your regular RTO. Founded in 2016, the 3 co-founders of Mindroom identified a gap in the education market and set out on a mission to fill the need.

The niche the 3 partners found in the provision of quality training to international students, with emphasis on teaching learners how to deliver IT projects. The premise was, that since the economy of the future seems to be relying on technology more and more, the need to prepare for this future extends beyond individuals who work in IT, and it is now pertinent to designers, project managers, line managers, marketers and other decision-makers. The RTO scope was then selected to reflect that idea: Design > Development > Project Management.

Today, Mindroom is successfully operating two very active campuses; one in the beautiful Gold Coasts’ Burleigh Heads and another on the Sunshine Coast. Courses are delivered by highly qualified trainers who are also industry experts. Classes run in the classroom and are also available online. Support is accessible to all students throughout the week and after hours by email. Mindroom staff members put the student first, and always before the dollar. This is why, during 2020 we were able to keep enrolling students and provide our quality services despite all the unexpected events of that year.



First and foremost, it’s because we care. We care about people. We care about our staff members and we care about students. At Mindroom, we get to know each student personally. Who they are, what plans they have for the future and what it is they want to get out of their course. We will do our best to support students in achieving it.

Academic: At Mindroom, we don’t just buy academic resources and chuck them on a learning platform. We take the time to contextualise the resources to suit the students, the delivery style and the trainer. Academic resources are constantly being improved, and when issues are identified, we actually fix them.

We embrace feedback: Nobody’s perfect, but it’s what you do with feedback that counts. We are totally open to take on any kind of feedback from students and other stakeholders, and we constantly apply changes to our processes based on feedback.

Systems: With Mindroom, students have easy access to their online courses, delivery schedule, academic progress and news and events. Mindroom uses a Mobile App, a well-maintained open source LMS (Learning Management System), an updated website and we make sure to stay in close contact with all students about their studies and opportunities.

Support: Mindroom students are always supported:

  • Academically: students are encouraged to join more sessions than the ones their delivery schedule offers. For example, a Gold Coast student can join online to sessions held in the Sunshine Coast, thus getting 4 days to attend and catch up.
  • Personally: we make it our business to know what students want, how they feel, and we work hard to keep them as satisfied as we can, not only in the classroom.
  • Family like: Mindroom is like a big family where people care and help each other out.

Networking: While we can’t promise any work outcome, we are proud to say that a good number of our alumni are employed in respectable positions in the Australian workforce. When we identify that a student is ready to be connected with businesses, we use our network to support them in finding employment and succeeding at it.



MI aims to be an organisation of excellence within the fields of education and technological innovation.


To contribute to human and community development through education and technological innovation


To value the development of the human being, awakening the talents and creating an environment that favours the exercise of continuous improvement.