Explore the Top Industries a Project Manager Can Work In

Explore the Top Industries a Project Manager Can Work In

As you start to build a career as a project manager it is important to consider what type of industry you would like to work in. Becoming a specialist in your field can help you to progress to more rewarding and senior roles. Let’s look at some of these industries.

1. Construction & infrastructure

A substantial percentage of projects delivered in recent years show a strong focus on construction and infrastructure. As a project manager in the construction and infrastructure industries, you will work with everyone from architects and engineers, to subcontractors to get the project across the line.

If you decide this is the industry you would like to work in, you will need to ensure you have a high level of planning and risk management skills, and ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of building legislation and legal requirements.

2. Information technology

Many project management professionals are carving out lucrative careers in fast-emerging industries, such as the IT industry. Working in the IT space could see you delivering projects directly for the organisation you work for, such as software development and network upgrades, or have you working with a range of clients, implementing new technologies to a business and creating IT strategies.

Depending on the employer you may be required to have studied IT or an equivalent course, on top of any project management courses you have completed.

3. Business improvement and transformation

Another great option is to become a business improvement specialist. A huge benefit is that you will be able to transfer these skills across a range of industries, from health, and finance, to entertainment and hospitality. After all, whether it’s delivering a mobile app or opening a restaurant, a highly skilled project manager is needed to manage the project to ensure that it is delivered successfully.

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