3 New Rules for Job Interviews

3 New Rules for Job Interviews

With so many eager applicants vying for the same positions how do you stand out from the crowd in a job interview? Sure in some cases a specific skillset will wow the interviewer to choose you over others, but what if your skillsets are similar? It’s time to break some ‘rules’ to stand out, and to land a job that really excites you. Here’s how.

Rule 1 – Are They the Right Fit For You?

The usual approach to seeking out and applying for a job is one where you REALLY want what they are offering. The mindset relies heavily on you being right for them and fitting their criteria. You want them to want you. What if you changed your approach and in doing so ended up landing a job that fits with what you want in a job and in life?

So, turn the tables.

The interview isn’t just a chance for the company to learn about you; it’s your chance to understand what the company is all about. What is their culture? What drives them?

Ask them some challenging questions and see how they respond. If the job, people or culture isn’t a fit for you, don’t rationalise. Keep looking.

A few questions to ask:

“How will this role challenge me?”

“How long did the previous person hold the role?”

“Can you describe a typical work day or week in this role?”

Rule 2 – Be Memorable

If a position is desirable, even in a tight labour market, a manager or HR staffer might talk to hundreds of candidates before finding a few that stand out.

In a pool of hundreds with similar skillsets, be yourself to stand out.

Of course, you will need to ‘read the room’ to share appropriately, but give them a glimpse of who you really are, your value systems, what makes you tick and any interesting facts about your life or work history which may entertain or add flair to the conversation. Perhaps your interviewer has a passion for deep sea diving, cheese or country music, find out a little more about them and find something to relate on.

Rule 3 – They are Lucky to Get You

The usual mindset and message one would convey in an interview is ‘I’d be so grateful to get your job.’ Sure this may be very true, but how about having confidence in the true value you will bring to the role. Believe in yourself and in your own unique set of attributes you can offer the company. Seeming desperate or needy for a job will most likely turn the interviewer off so carry yourself with pride in who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do. Remain humble at all times but let your light shine.