4 Simple Tips to Help You Do Less and Accomplish More

4 Simple Tips to Help You Do Less and Accomplish More

Let’s face it, life can get really busy! We have work commitments, study commitments, family commitments and then there’s trying to stay healthy, and have a social life. Let’s look at 4 ways we can make the most of our productive time, so we leave more room for the things we enjoy doing most!

1. Prioritise essential tasks over unnecessary tasks and distractions.

To accomplish more by doing less, you need to eliminate unnecessary tasks. These are jobs that aren’t directly related to your end goal. So instead, list your most important jobs each day, and set aside any other tasks for another day, or for when you have completed everything else.

By prioritising your most important tasks, you stay focused and accomplish what you need each day without getting buried in extra jobs. This will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

2. Tackle your self-sabotaging thoughts

Your negative thoughts can really hold you back from being productive. You may worry that certain actions will cost you your job, friends, or even your family. In the face of fear, your body shuts down and keeps you from doing more with your time and energy. Learn to replace “I can’t do this” with “I will try to do this.” Look for the good in everything before discounting it for the bad.

When you approach tasks with optimism and positive feelings, they become less burdensome and feel more effortless.

3. Focus on what you CAN control

Yes, there may seem like there are a lot of things in life that are out of your control. You can relieve a lot of stress and time wasted by focusing on the things you can control. To keep your mind on the end goal, aim for progress, not perfection. This means the situation may not turn out exactly how you planned, but as long as you take steps towards your end goal, you’re still succeeding. You can also control your attitude towards tasks, people and things which goes a long way in remaining upbeat when life throws you lemons.

4. Simplify!

We can be the biggest creators of complexity in our life and work. Simplicity is like a breath of fresh air and can be achieved by deciding to approach things in a new light. Anything can be simplified to some degree. Ask questions like, is there a better way of doing this? Have I entertained all the possibilities of how I can do this? Can someone else help me to do this better, or faster? Do I even need to do this at all or is there something else more valuable I can do with this time? To simplify means to get to the very basics of a task or activity, and to determine if we can view it in a more simple way, using less energy and resources. Thinking smarter, not working harder.