Be 1% Better with the Behive Recycling Box

Be 1% Better with the Behive Recycling Box

We Are Behive is an innovative startup on the Gold Coast whose drive is to boost circular thinking, creating solutions to reduce waste.

@wearebehive are a startup who are ultra passionate about the circular economy & recycling….. they walk the walk! They’ve teamed up with Mindroom Innovation to set up the Behive Box!

So what is the Behive Box?

This box was created so that you can have somewhere to recycle all those things you can’t put in the recycling bin at home…..think toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo & conditioner bottle, pump heads, pens…..& so much more (check website for all the details!)

Where can I find my local Behive Box?

You can find Behive boxes located conveniently across the Gold Coast, including at Mindroom Innovation. Find other locations here.

How to use the Behive Box

Drop off your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss container, razor blades, blister pack etc at your chosen location.

Important notes:

  • The items can be any brand, make sure the things are clean and dry before you place them in the box
  • Your waste will be taken to the Behive facility to be manually sorted, to ensure everything is put in the right place.

“We are committed to raising awareness that inspires actions and attitudes with the purpose to shift paradigms”

— Francine | We Are Behive Founder & Creator

We need YOU, our community, to HELP accelerate the adoption of circular thinking worldwide!

♻️From now, you can be 1% better everyday!