6 Great Ways to Stimulate Creativity in Your Life

6 Great Ways to Stimulate Creativity in Your Life

Being creative comes naturally to some, but it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing if you’re not hit by sudden inspiration. You may be required to tap into this for work, studies or a personal project. If you want to stimulate your creativity, don’t worry about feeling stuck. We’ve got 6 tips to inspire you into action, today.

1. Declutter your space

Decluttering your workspace is so important for your frame of mind. If you try to work in a messy area, it’s more likely that you’ll feel uninspired, unfocused, and even tired. When you clear your space and fill it with objects that make you happy, it’ll be a better environment for you to generate new ideas. Try to declutter and clean your space at least once a week to ensure you’re working in an optimal environment for a creative pursuit.

2. Draw, paint, doodle, daily

A great way to embrace and build your creative skills is to make a daily practice of it. This can be a short exercise if you don’t have much time, but it’s a great way to get your mind working creatively and to create more of a habit out of it. The important thing is to stick with it, and in time creative thinking will start to come easier to you.

3. Engage with nature

Many creatives mention how getting out into nature helps them to see how much the world is connected. It can make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. It seems to help bring people into a headspace that naturally allows creativity to flow. Another possible way nature affects creativity could be that it helps to improve our attention. With clearer and less distracted minds, it can support us in problem-solving and coming up with creative solutions. The actual shapes, movements and sounds of nature can also act as massive sources of inspiration. Not to mention the playfulness of the creatures we see.

4. Exercise

Exercise de-stresses us, declutters our minds and releases endorphins into our bodies. These create the perfect recipe for boosting our mood, and energy and as a result, allow space for inspired creativity. When we feel good, we are more inclined to see the beauty and wonder in our surroundings, in people and in situations. Our ideas are more forthcoming and plentiful.

5. Daydream

“Science suggests that mind-wandering freely to more pleasant and playful thoughts may improve our mood and foster creativity.”

Jill Suttie – University of California, Berkeley

Daydreaming challenges your brain to forget logic for a moment and think about things in free and imaginative ways. This is the type of space you want your mind to be in for spontaneous idea generation. Allow yourself some time for daydreaming each day, and observe how it works for you.

6. Take time out from your phone

It’s very clear that our phones and notifications are decreasing our attention spans at a shocking rate. If your mind is constantly on high alert for the next message or social media interaction, your brain simply can’t settle or slow down, to allow space for other things such as creativity. There are many inspiring resources online that we can tap into, but balance it out by turning your phone on silent for a few hours a day when you want to get into a creative flow. You will notice the difference!

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