10 Hot Podcasts for IT Professionals

10 Hot Podcasts for IT Professionals

As an IT professional, it is vital to stay on top of trends that keep your skills fresh and relevant. When you are busy with studies or your career you may often struggle for time to go to workshops, seminars or to pick up a book. Within 6 months books can also be out of date. With podcasts you can stay up-to-the-minute with the IT industry—without travelling or taking up valuable time.

Podcasts are perfect for passive learning when you’re driving, exercising, or cleaning the house. Here are 10 hot podcasts for IT professionals that can help you stay on top of the industry, and your game.

1. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is all about the underbelly of the internet—the hackers, the cybercrime, the curious ways the government tangles itself into cyberspace. This podcast is a compelling way to learn about security issues on the internet, and will give you a visceral understanding of why the IT department is so important

Good for: Anybody curious about the capabilities of the internet

2. The Hanselminutes Podcast

Scott Hanselman is a web developer and programmer at Microsoft, but his personal podcast, The Hanselminutes Podcast, explores many tech topics with emphasis on tech culture and current events in technology. Published weekly with hundreds on demand, the podcast’s air of humanity provides a unique perspective on technology.

Who should listen: IT innovators, thought leaders, and professionals

3. Accidental Tech Podcast

The “three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters” are Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa. In this weekly podcast you’ll get a tech enthusiast’s POV on all things tech and pop culture—perfect for IT pros who like tech for fun, too.

Who should listen: Tech professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts

4. Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers

If you’re looking for a deep-dive into networking technology, Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers is a solid place to start. The podcast covers up-and-coming technologies and explores industry trends by bringing experts, vendors, and real network professionals onto the show. Other podcasts by Packet Pushers like Day Two Cloud and The Network Break also get top reviews.

Good for: Learning about networks, systems

5. Learn to Code With Me

Learn to Code With Me follows the stories of people who taught themselves how to code, and changed their careers and lives in the process. It’s inspiring. Give yourself a dose of motivation, learn about different resources people used to teach themselves, and get tips on opening doors to programming jobs.

Good for: Those learning how to code, or thinking about it

6. Risky Business

A must-listen weekly podcast all about security, Risky Business offers insights into news and trends like doxing scammers, ransomware, government reports, and security risks in cyberspace. With close to 600 episodes, this podcast is acclaimed for providing relevant and timely information to pros. Save time, stay current, and learn some new InfoSec tricks.

Who should listen: Security professionals

7. IT Visionaries

Through interviews with IT leaders, IT Visionaries brings actionable insights and lessons to listeners on a weekly cadence. The conversations with CIOs, CTOs, and Fortune 1000 tech leaders are generally high-level—so it won’t get into the nitty-gritty of IT work—but can be useful for those who want to stay on top of what’s next in the IT world. 

Good for: IT managers and those curious about the future of IT

8. FLOSS Weekly

It’s the Free Libre Open Source Software podcast, and it’s the podcast for all things in the open source and free software community, brought to you by This Week in Tech. You can listen to the audio on your favorite podcast platform, or watch the conversations happen through videos on their website.

Good for: Software developers, web developers, and anybody else interested in open source

9. Reply All

You don’t have to be a tech professional to love this tech-adjacent podcast that’s been running since 2014. Among the best podcast hosts, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman combine personalities and interests to answer bizarre tech issues in their Super Tech Support segment, do full-on investigative journalism, and even test their up-to-the-minute pop culture knowledge with a Twitter game called Yes Yes No.

Who should listen: Anyone interested in the convergence of tech and pop culture

10. Cloud Cast

Cloudcast covers everything cloud. It can get a bit technical but also discusses larger trends in the industry as the cloud space evolves.

Good for: Those who work in cloud computing or want to start, and IT managers