Boost Your Chances of Success in the Thriving ICT Job Market with a Vet Course

Boost Your Chances of Success in the Thriving ICT Job Market with a Vet Course

Recently the ACS has recommended that Australian employers reduce their expectations of a university degree from all ICT job applicants. Google has launched their own offering too. Here’s why VET courses are the perfect approach to entering the ICT Job market well-equipped.

University degrees have long been the standard requirement for ICT-related job applicants. With the massive industry skills gap on the rise, tech companies are being advised to look beyond university graduates and loosen their education requirements for job applicants. The time and financial investment required to complete a university degree can create a massive lag in new talent entering the ICT job market.

Google has responded by launching a range of online training courses aiming to upskill Australians in tech-related fields, to help workers meet the rapidly changing demands of businesses in a digital economy. These online courses will take about six months to complete with 10 hours of study each week.

Another great way to advance your skills within the ICT jobs arena is by completing a VET course. VET courses provide the perfect blend of flexible learning options, with the massive benefits of team-building, networking, critical thinking and problem-solving. This is achieved through in-person and online classes, discussions and industry exposure. At Mindroom Innovation we also hold regular ICT-industry meet-ups, to educate, inspire and encourage conversation around cutting-edge topics and opportunities.

We offer the following course to set you up for success as a IT & Tech professional, in a thriving market.

ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology – Web Development Specialisation

ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology – Business Analysis Specialisation