What is the Difference Between a Junior and a Senior in the IT & Tech market?

What is the Difference Between a Junior and a Senior in the IT & Tech market?

As developers start out their journey and grow in their expertise, they will find that what they think they know diminishes, while what they realise they have yet to learn grows. The biggest difference between a junior and senior developer is not necessarily the amount of technical knowledge that they possess but the experience and way of thinking in how to better solve problems. 

A senior developer sees the bigger picture and knows from skill and experience how to approach the problem from different angles. A mid-level developer usually has the more technical knowledge and confidence than a junior developer, however, may still need guidance on how to make the bigger pieces of the puzzle fit.  Let’s take a look at the 4 main categories of developers and the traits they generally possess:


Anywhere between 0-3 years of commercial experience. Knows the basics in their field, is hungry to learn, and has the ability to take on small tasks independently.


Typically would have 3-6 years of industry experience. Self-organising & ability to deliver more complex work independently. Seeks advice for more challenging problems.


This pro has amassed 6-10 years of commercial experience and has been exposed to a range of different problems & domains. Getting close to expertise in their field, able to mentor & upskill juniors. The ‘engine room’ of any team.


The highest level as a ‘hands-on’ practitioner, this person is a bonafide expert and go-to in the team / company for their subject matter expertise. Can take 10-15 years to build to this level. Ability to mentor & coach. Able to make strategic decisions.

Source: Iterate. Technology Market Salary Data. Melbourne 2021.
All salaries listed are inclusive of 10% superannuation (excluding bonus or profit share incentive)

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