Important Student Visa Notice from the Australian Government

Important Student Visa Notice from the Australian Government

To improve visa application processing times, the Department of Home Affair will be moving back to pre-pandemic decision-making processes, including finalising applications where applicants lodge incomplete applications.

This means that visa applications may be finalised without asking for further information through a Request for Information (RFI). The Department has increased communications with  international students via social media (Australian Department of Home Affairs Facebook page)

Key messages include:

  • Students should ensure they submit a complete and decision-ready application.
  • Students should lodge their student visa application at least 6-8 weeks before their course commencement.
  • Applicants should respond to any requests for information promptly. Applicants do not need to wait until the deadline to respond to a departmental request.  If documentation is provided when requested, the Department can progress the application.

Students are encouraged to regularly log into their ImmiAccounts to check for messages from the Department and respond promptly. To ensure your visa application is successful, submit all documents on time and respond immediately to any correspondence on Immi.