Discover the 5 Most In Demand Skills for 2022

Discover the 5 Most In Demand Skills for 2022

The rapid advancements in AI, robotics and automation, as well as big data and analytics, are impacting the nature and number of jobs available. This also influences the way organisations operate and how the market is organised. So what are the most in demand skills for 2022, within this rapidly evolving climate?

As technologies advance and work moves in the direction of automation and AI, people’s job descriptions will change. They will need to frequently update their technical skills and digital competencies.

Thank goodness the human element in the workforce is far from over. To stay in the game it’s important that we cultivate those skills which are most in demand. Think innovation, creativity, initiative, originality and continuous learning.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 most in demand skills for 2022

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation
  2. Active learning and learning strategies
  3. Creativity, originality and initiative
  4. Technology design and programming
  5. Critical thinking and analysis

The great news is that these skills will not only boost your employability but are also highly valuable skills which can enrich every area of your life. They can be applied to so many tasks and activities no matter your lifestyle or interests. You will probably find that you already have a high level of competency in at least one of these skills and are therefore already on the right path to success.


We offer a selection of courses which address all of these vital skills:

ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology – Business Analysis Specialisation

ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology – Front-end and back-end Web Development Specialisation

SB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management

SB50820 – Diploma of Project Management

CUA60320 – Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design