Kick-off an Exciting Global Career with Launch U Queensland 2022

Kick-off an Exciting Global Career with Launch U Queensland 2022

Are you a student looking to gain international business experience whilst networking with local businesses looking for talent? The Launch U Trade Accelerator Program (LTA) may be the next best step for you!

What is the Launch U Trade Accelerator program?

The LTA is a virtual program where student teams are assigned a real-life business project, with a focus on a specific international market. The student project focuses on carrying out international market research. The team’s will also provide recommendations on international business growth opportunities to a Queensland-based export or trade business. 

This is what the learning process will look like..

  • Virtual team project experience: Students undertake an online, two-week international trade research project for a Queensland based business.  
  • Structured learning program: The students are guided to develop and apply international trade insight and consulting skills.  
  • Feedback: Students receive feedback from experienced business professionals. 

What are the benefits?

  1. Be part of a diverse team: meet other students with different backgrounds & skillsets.
  2. Collaborate across disciplines: each team member will have something to share, teach or learn.
  3. Boost your project management skills: manage a project within a real business.
  4. Deliver a market research project: apply your skills and get feedback.
  5. You will be awarded a digital badge and online portfolio: showcase your new skills to future prospects.
  6. Expand your skills and truly boost your employability!

This opportunity is offered TOTALLY FREE to students who are accepted, and all project work is done REMOTELY!

LTA dates 2022/2023

July 2022: 27 June – 10 July (Mandatory Orientation on 21 June 2022)

November 2022: 21 November – 4 December (Mandatory Orientation on 15 November 2022)

February 2023: 30 January – 12 February (Mandatory Orientation on 24 January 2023)

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in the Launch U Trade Accelerator, you can register your interest here or contact our team at:

In 2021, the program was one of our most successful with a 90% student willingness to recommend (WTR), 83% improved student employability and 100% improved client decision making as result of recommendations provided in student projects.

Learn more..

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