The Relationship Between Design, Innovation and the Metaverse

The Relationship Between Design, Innovation and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is an evolution in the way we interact with other people. It’s an evolution of the internet that takes people from web browsing to a fully immersive experience. It’s crypto gaming, NFT’s, virtual reality meetings, 3D avatars and beyond.

So how do designers influence this fast evolving Metaverse?

  • It’s a huge opportunity for designers to innovate and develop unexpected solutions
  • Designers need to create a place where interaction will be comfortable (prevent digital bullying)
  • They need to design for better accessibility
  • Safety and security needs to be prioritised. Users should trust that the system is safe to use
  • Metaverse creators need to select influencers carefully to encourage sustainable & healthy behaviors
  • The design needs to create a sense of belonging to a particular group or community. Help users go from “I” to “we” when interacting in the Metaverse. 

Are you fascinated by this evolving cyber-space?

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