6 Reasons Graphic Design is the Career for You

6 Reasons Graphic Design is the Career for You

When it comes to choosing a career it’s so important to choose one that not only pays the bills, but one in which you can expand your mind and thrive!

If you have a creative vision for the future, Graphic Design is an incredible career choice for you.

Here are our top 6 reasons why Graphic Design is the career for you:

1) You have many specializations to choose from

There are a number of exciting directions to choose from in Graphic Design. Some specializations are more creative, and others more technical, allowing you to find what makes you tick the most. Whats more is that you can strengthen your skills in a few areas, increasing your employability & versatility as a team member, or as a freelancer.

Examples of design specializations include: typography, brand design & identity, illustration, product design, UX/UI, packaging design, web design and more.

2) Every day is different

Do you prefer diversity within your job, where no two days are the same? In design every day brings new challenges, problems to solve and opportunities to think outside of the box. This keeps things fresh and stimulating, which is great for creative minds or people who are prone to boredom.

3) You can benefit from the growth & demand in digital

As you are well aware the world has become increasingly reliant on all things digital. We are all spending more time than ever before in virtual environments. Every platform or app we use online required the input of graphic designers and creative minds skilled in using design programs. This is reflected in the increased demand for talent within the digital design arena. What a great time to take advantage of these trends, where often you can work remotely, making this career path more resilient to whatever Covid 19 throws at us next.

4) Varied work opportunities

Whatever your interests may be, almost all businesses require the skills of Graphic Designers. The world runs on what we can see, visuals are everything, so this is where you can help businesses share their unique stories with the world. You can work within a marketing team, assist with social media, build brands and so much more. You can also work for the likes of charities, high end fashion brands, sports clubs, beauty services and wellness. The list goes on.

5) Work-life flexibility

If you work for yourself as a freelancer, or as a contractor or permanent member of a team you are often able to choose when and where to work. This flexibility has obviously increased since the pandemic. This offers an excellent opportunity to manage a rewarding work-life balance that suits your circumstances and needs. Some of us work better in the early mornings, others late at night, which is why this flexibility is a real blessing in many cases.

6) Work is challenging and interesting

Because no day or project is ever the same in Graphic Design there are always opportunities for growth. There are new technologies, styles and and trends to integrate, depending on the circumstance or project scope. It is a challenge to stay ahead of the game with these advancements but if you are willing to invest yourself in the process your job will be rewarding. You will also make yourself indispensable to any employer or client.