New class: RSA Course + Basic Bartender Skills Workshop

New class: RSA Course + Basic Bartender Skills Workshop

Our course is suitable for Domestic and International students. It contains all the RSA content/assessments, and it also covers bartending fundamentals. It is a 4 hours workshop course, with some extra content and assessments online.

The next class is on Monday, 28 June at 5:30 pm. 

Bartending basics:

• Alcohol history (quick explanation about alcohol)
• Spirits and liqueurs (essentials)
• The day by day job (opening and closing procedures)
• Most famous Australia’s drinks
• Hands-on cocktail (espresso martini)


• Problems associated with excessive consumption
• Alcohol and relevant state or territory legislation, licensing requirements
• Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
• Facts About alcohol
• Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
• Assess alcohol-affected customers and identify those to whom sale or service must be refused
• How to refuse to provide alcohol in a professional manner
• How to handle difficult customers by using appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills


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