IT Salaries and Job Opportunities on the Rise in 2021

IT Salaries and Job Opportunities on the Rise in 2021

The past year has impacted almost every single industry across the globe, some much worse than others. Despite this, recent reports on LinkedIn and other major platforms have shared the positive news that the demand for skilled IT professionals and salaries are on the rise. The trend is predicted to continue into the future, because of the demand outweighing the supply.

In Australia wages grew only 1.4% in 2020, down from 2.2% in 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Predictions estimate that IT professionals can expect an extra 6.8% in their wages this year. This is a whopping 5% higher than national average!

So why the generous increase in IT salaries?

The current availability of skilled IT professionals is not sufficient to meet the sudden increase in demand. Over half of major companies are willing to boost salaries to ensure they attract the best talent, and keep them. Professionals who are already in IT jobs can also expect pay rises. This is a bid to keep them onboard, when more attractive offers may be offered elsewhere.

Which IT skills are most in demand?

Here the trend continues. Cloud & systems engineering, cyber security, web development, automation, and help desk support are all required in increasing numbers across the country.

“There is increased demand for tech talent as companies expand their IT teams and enhance their digital capabilities because of the pandemic ”

– David Jones, Robert Half Recruitment

So what do IT salaries look like in Australia?

For those starting a career in IT, the highest paying jobs are those of enterprise architects, solutions architects, development managers & data architects. Enterprise architects can expect to earn an attractive starting salary of $130,000 – $180,000 depending on which city one is looking to work in. In most cases Sydney offers the most attractive starting rates with the following salaries: solutions architect ($160,000), development manager ($160,000), and data architect ($150,000).

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