Unleash The Power Of Your Innovative Mind

Unleash The Power Of Your Innovative Mind

“Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way. “

– Tom Freston (born 1945), Co-founder of MTV.

Why do companies like Apple, Google and Spotify stand out from their competitors as innovation leaders, despite major obstacles faced along the way? In this insightful Industry Talk we will be taking a closer look at the secrets to how these industry giants harness their creative & innovative minds, within a corporate setting.

Would you believe it if we said that every single human being born on this earth is innovative in nature? That includes you! The key is to learn how to harness this inherent ability in our own lives. When we do we can enhance our personal growth, relationships, our careers, and so much more as a result!

We welcome Henry Motta as our guest speaker at this event. Henry has been working within the Creative Economy since 2011. He contributes meaningfully to brands both here in Australia and his home country. In Henry’s current position he is engaged in the creative process behind brand management & communications, utilising Design Thinking and Biomimicry. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and real-life experience with us.