UX/UI Talk with Conn Prosser 23.04.2020

UX/UI Talk with Conn Prosser 23.04.2020

Join us on Thursday, 23rd April to talk about UI/UX for website production and tips on How to Get Started In UX/UI Design.

Conn Prosser will detail his career pathway and give tips on skills he started with and how they are relevant to now.

You will also learn:

  • Career examples of UI/UX. e.g. Conn introduced user-centred Design (as it was known back then) to the workflow at Friends Reunited
  • The difference between UI and UX – focusing on UX in web design and branding
  • UX/UI and clients
  • Current web production methods and tools
  • The importance of UI/UX from the beginning of the process e.g. Designing around confirmation popups and the technical knock-on
  • Resources for HTML, CSS and Javascript

About Conn Prosser:

Just a bit of background on me, I started my career as a web designer back in the nineties. In the UK, I was head of design at Friends Reunited – which was basically Facebook before Facebook. Since moving to Australia, I have retrained as a .net developer and work for a digital agency that specialises in customer-facing websites. Branding and UX play an integral roll in what we do and I am heavily ingrained in that.

THURSDAY EVENT – UX/UI Talk with Conn Prosser 

Thursday 23rd April from 5.00pm-7.00pm

Save your seat now.

Hope to see you there. 🙂