SOMOS and Plogging

SOMOS and Plogging

MI Social Lab,

Together with Way360 group, the MI Social lab was created. The goal of this project is to bring the students and the community together, assessing social problems and looking for unusual solutions! After almost 10 meetings, we got a social organisation out of this Social Incubator, SOMOS!

SOMOS stands for Social Movement Sinergy, a group of people who looks for reducing the social problem impact through movement, body movement! Out of this amazing minds, we started doing plogging, Jogging + picking up trash, so fat we have done 6 ploggings and over 10.000 cigarette butts, 200 straws, 100 plastic bottles and countless plastic and debris were collected during these ploggings, and of course, countless marine lives were saved \o/

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