Last Brazilians in ICT MeetUP

Last Brazilians in ICT MeetUP

Last Thursday, 17/05 we held the first Brazilians in ICT MeetUp on the Gold Coast.

We had over 20 people coming to hear out about the ICT market in Australia and more specific in QLD.

During the night we had the following speakers:

The Migration Agent Carllo Castriota from Bloom Migration, who explained about the different pathways to Migrate in Australia as ICT professional and about ACS application. If you want to book your $55 discounted session, please send an email to, also, prior the meeting, you must send him all your details.

The second part of our meeting, we had the presence of Eli and Abu from Prime Pacific Education, a private PTE school. Eli gave us a few tips about PTE and it’s structure, also they have offered 10% discount in any PTE preparation classes, please contact to book your session with 10% discount.

Finally, the HR specialist Carol Ferraz, from Talent international gave us an amazing speech about working in Australia as Permanent Position and Contractor, the differences between these 2 types of agreement and the average salary of both. Additionally, Carol explained how to make a CV for Australia standards and how to participate in interviews. If you want to know more about the ICT market of Talent International, do not hesitate to contact Carol at .

At the end of our session, our director Pedro Giesel, gave some information about trends and statistics for ICT professionals in Australia.


We would like to thank our speakers and everyone who took a few hours of your busy life to come and enjoy this amazing moment. We are planning our next meeting, if you want to be part of it, please, contact for further details.


You can find the CV model here:

CV Model