ICT MeetUP – Brazilians in IT – Gold Coast

ICT MeetUP – Brazilians in IT – Gold Coast

Hello everyone!

On the 17th May, we are promoting a MeetUP for everyone who works in the field of Information Technology on the Gold Coast and Southeast QLD.

This event will be held at Mindroom Innovation,

The idea this event is to share knowledge, ideas and experience for international students who are working or willing to work in the ICT fields.

The subjects will be:

ICT market in Australia
ICT Market on the Gold Coast
Trends and Technologies

During the event,  the Migration agent Carllo Castriota, from Bloom Migration (www.bloommigration.com.au ) will explain about different types of VISA for Skilled ICT migrants.


May 17
5:00 PM ( The event will start at 5:30 PM sharp)

•What’s included:•
A 3.5 hour event
Break with food and refreshments (at 7PM)

•What to bring•
Open mind
Your creative hat

•Suitable for•
International students
People from ICT industry


Just register on the form below:




Olá a todos!

Estamos marcando nosso primeiro encontro para Brasileiros na área de IT aqui em Gold Coast e SEQLD e NORTH NSW.

Será no dia 17 de Maio as 5:30 PM.
O local até o momento será na Escola Mindroom Innovation, porém o local poderá ser alterado!

Estamos ainda em busca de palestrantes, mas até o momento iremos abordar os assuntos:

Mercado de IT na Australia/Gold Coast/Brisbane.
Como conseguir seu primeiro emprego.

AH! Por favor clique no RSVP aqui embaixo para a gente se organizar referente ao numero de participantes que irao comparecer, ok?

Espero ver todos la!


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