Project Management in our life

Project Management in our life



We all hear the word ‘project’ several times a day. It has been used freely since the dawn of time; for instance – class project, side project, work project, home improvement project, and few others small or huge projects.

Furthermore, as the time comes, more and more companies are adopting software and product development frameworks like Agile, Scrum, and Kanban — which promote quick, iterative, lean production — to deliver higher quality products, faster.

These methods were developed with a simple idea: continuous improvement; delivering faster results and using fewer resources.

Nevertheless, these have improved other areas of Project Management, communication, and visual workflows. Helping teams to get on the same page and increase the collaboration between members.

But, could we apply these techniques in our personal life?

Yes, based on the latest research, project management techniques, formulas and methods are not used only to manage big or complex projects. In fact, it can help anyone to manage a simple project, for example, a personal website development. Perhaps, you can even use it to manage your daily life projects: events, house renovation, a dream trip or any task that has a start and an end date.

Our BSB51415 – Diploma of Project Management includes all the PMBOK techniques in addition to the new techniques such as Sprint Design, Prince2, Agile and Scrum. Methods that are used by big companies making our life easier.

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